Prevention of varicose veins recurrence

Now that you’ve finished your varicose vein treatment, you wonder: What do we do next? What measures should one take to make sure the disease does not return?

Unfortunately,  varicose veins can be classified as a chronic disease and there is a possibility that some veins may return. However, this may not happen and often depends on the patient and their quality of life.


The body has ability to form new varicose veins especially if the person has significant risk factors and continues to ignore the previous reasons that led to this problem.

The percentage of new varicose veins forming within 5 years is relatively low. Even though this is a small chance, you should still take all measures to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent this disease from returning.

First, you should follow all of the general recommendations relating to the prevention of varicose veins. If you’ve already undergone vein treatment it is important to:

  • Continue to wear compression hosiery. After the treatment, the doctor will discuss with you how long you need to wear the compression stockings. Remember to ask about the degree of compression suitable for your legs. If you have a hard time standing on your feet, or are required to sit for a long time in one position (especially traveling) it is recommended to wear the compression stockings even if you feel you no longer need them.
  • Reducing leg stress. It is important to reduce the pressure and load on your legs. Avoid long periods of standing, try to move your legs as often as possible (especially when sitting) and do not forget to do at least short leg workouts.  If you cannot walk try to imitate the walking movement by bending your feet back and forth.
  • Regular moderate physical activity. Swimming and short distance walking are good examples of moderate exercises.
  • A balanced diet and weight control. More detailed information in paragraph 8 here.
  • Do not forget to get yearly follow up leg(s) and vein(s) check-ups.

A patients active approach to their own health serves as the key to successful treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

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