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Jan 28, 2014

Diagnostics – the golden key to treatment of your veins

Advice of an experienced physician.


Many patients that come to our clinic IMED VEIN for initial consultation after treatment elsewhere or just for a second opinion ask me the same questions:


  • – «Doctor, why I am not feel better?»
  • – «Why I still have symptoms?»
  • – «What should I do now?»

You may also ask: What is the reason for such a lack of progress? Why vein symptoms may not be relieved or did not improve?

Here we approach the issue of paramount importance – correct professional diagnosis of varicose vein disease. The importance of the doctor expertise here, the quality of ultrasound vascular evaluation and need for modern ultrasound equipment I covered in my previous article.

Of course, medicine is not mathematics and cannot guarantee 100% results. Sometimes even with the correct diagnosis of venous disease and ideal treatment it may still not work fully, but such cases are usually not those common. The important reason for the treatment failure in my view is incorrect or inadequate medical diagnosis of the vein disease and subsequently – incomplete and /or inadequate treatment.

The main problem is that the so-called "venous symptoms", are not only specific to diseases of the veins.  Numbness, tingling, pain, leg fatigue, swelling – may happen with the other diseases, such as diseases of the spine and disc herniation, problems of the hip and knee, ankle and foot joints, etc.

It would be too easy – you have read the ad, recognized all "venous" symptoms on yourself, came to the clinic, had a quick ultrasound and clinic had already discussing the treatment plan with you. But can these "venous symptoms" coexist with osteochondrosis, a herniated disc, arthritis or arterial disease, especially in older people?

I believe that ideal diagnosis of varicose vein disease starts with thorough collection of your presentation complaints and vein history, as well as the visual inspection, which should be conducted in the upright position when the affected vessels are best contoured. The doctor will look for expanded, twisted veins, possible superficial skin clots, assess the condition and color of your leg and especially color of the ankles, presence or absence of soft tissue edema.

Of great importance are palpation (aka using your fingers) varicose veins, sometimes felt less important by other specialists. Important diagnostic information for a proper diagnosis can be appreciated: density and soreness of the affected veins, the presence or absence of edema, pulses, temperature of the skin in the affected area.

Attention to each patient's complaint and utilization of other possible methods of diagnosis allows the doctor to get the most accurate diagnosis. Often we use additional imaging methods, such as MRIs to accurately diagnose possible disc disease of the spine, separate knee and ankle joint conditions from the manifestations of chronic venous insufficiency.

Of course, the gold standard in the diagnosis of varicose vein disease is an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound examination allows the doctor to see your veins in more than one dimension. It allows quickly, safely and accurately estimate the size of varicose veins, show the blood flow within, establish presence or absence of pathological reverse flow, check the deep vein patency and the presence of blood clots.

As one can see the professional diagnosis of varicose vein disease is a multistep process that combines different methods and approaches, and most importantly, qualified clinical judgment of your doctor, aiming at maximizing the reliable and accurate diagnosis.

The golden key allegory perfectly reflects the essence of this article. Only the correct key (diagnosis) can make the treatment work and that's what your goal and goal of your physician.

So be proactive, ask questions during the consultation, ask your family and friends if they had similar experiences and if they were happy with their doctors, and remember that current laser treatment of veins may work wonders, but only if the treatment was following the correct professional diagnosis.

If you have any questions you can call us at 847-298-2200.

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