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Jan 28, 2014

How to achieve best results in the treatment of varicose veins? 4 steps from an experienced vein physician – Dr. Gorodetsky

Varicose vein disease of the lower extremities is one of the most common chronic diseases today. For example, in the U.S. and Western Europe about 25% of the population suffers from various forms of varicose vein disease. In recent years there has been an upward trend of disease incidence and complications in young and productive members of society. On the increase also is a significant number of varicose vein recurrences after improper or incomplete treatment. Is that difficult to choose a good vein specialist, get proper diagnosis and have a straightforward treatment course?


What is the best way to understand what is needed for me, where to start, and how to avoid common mistakes? This is the main question. Fortunately there are 4 steps that should help in this process, something that I wanted to share with you in this article.

1. Step number one – find competent and experienced vein professional.


This is the most important thing for successful treatment of your varicose veins. But how to find such a doctor? Vein commercials are everywhere; sometimes it is difficult to choose or orient yourself. In such cases, I always suggest using common sense:

Rule one is very simple, but almost invariably works – go and ask your relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues if they had similar problems and were happy with their doctor and results. If they are,  you at least can make a note of such a specialist. Because "word of mouth advertisement” is usually very effective.

Rule number two: Do a quick check on a doctor. Now when huge amount of information is available on the Internet – go and read reviews about the doctor, check his experience and credentials online, also see if he is board certified in his specialty.

Rule number three: if you decide to see the doctor for consultation, make sure you are comfortable with him/her: do you feel the doctor sincere desire to help you? Also please see if the doctor open and thorough when discussing with you your problems. This is important. And you also have to be proactive with your health – ask lots of questions: about your health, your diagnosis, your proposed treatment plan. The doctor should take time and with respect to his/her patients try to explain as much as possible to help them understand their diagnosis and further treatment plan. You will have to trust your doctor and therefore if during the consultation you feel that you are just "the next patient", the doctor is not completely sincere, and not responding fully to your questions, or you just do not like him or her for any unexplained reason, you may leave and go to another doctor! "Uncomfortable" is something we should not tolerate here, because it is your money, your health insurance, and most importantly – your health!

2. Step number two – get a professional diagnosis of the varicose vein disease.


Proper diagnosis is the key to proper treatment. Largely ineffective treatments are usually results of improper or insufficient diagnosis or just visual diagnosis. Varicose veins require the most careful vascular ultrasound specialist inspection with considerable clinical experience. That's why we for example pay such a great attention to ultrasound exam – a cornerstone in the diagnosis of varicose vein disease. The proper examination should be performed with patient standing and lying down. Modern ultrasound machines allow the differentiation of segments with poor venous valves and reverse flow (venous reflux), often at a very early stage. If the ultrasound specialist does not have enough experience he/she can omit "bad" veins supply points, or vice versa choose the vein that does not need treatment. Ultrasound study in expert hands provides indispensable information about the "map" of superficial and deep veins, and the presence and extent of abnormal flow – the true causes of your disease.

3. Preparing a proper treatment plan and determine the proper technique to achieve the best results.


This is a very important step, this is where treatment can be proposed without the need for it, or vice versa not offered when it is 100% necessary. Please understand that despite the introduction of high-tech unique techniques for varicose vein disease in recent years, there is no single universal method by which it would be possible to completely cure all possible varicose veins. Therefore, a careful individual approach to choose the optimal treatment for each patient, taking into account all the subtleties and nuances of the anatomical and functional damage of the veins has to be utilized.

The choice of treatment (laser, sclerotherapy or phlebectomy or combination), depends on the diameter of the affected veins, the presence of abnormal flow and length of varicose deformities. Today it is not necessary to remove or close all the subcutaneous veins. Only the varicose veins and their abnormal branches need to be treated based on an ultrasound results. This allows to preserve normal venous outflow in the legs.

4. Step number four – Develop a follow up individual plan for the prevention of varicose disease recurrence.


For those who already had treatment, prevention – is important in slowing down the disease recurrence and its complications. Sadly, varicose vein condition often is a chronic disease. Varicose vein may recur, so one needs to take preventive measures.

This often includes adjusting your lifestyle with balanced diet, level of activity, attention how you work or rest.

Prevention plan and recommendations should be prepared and addressed by your physician for you individually.

In summary, the treatment of varicose disease has become minimally invasive and more reliable in the recent years, so you do not need to suffer from varicose vein or discomfort associated with it. Using these steps and being proactive you should greatly increase your chances for good experience and great treatment results.

If you have any questions please call us at the clinic IMED Vein and we will be happy to assist you.

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