Understanding varicose veins

Those who already have varicose veins or undergone treatment method should be aware of prophylaxis of disease progression and complications. Unfortunately, vein disease is a chronic disease that can only be controlled but may be difficult to cure forever. Varicose disease may re-occur so the patient must take preventive measures even after the treatment has been completed. Varicose veins also reflect the general state of a patient’s body. Therefore, prevention should include adjustments to your lifestyle, including a balanced diet, physical activity, and most importantly actively taking care of your health. This should reduce the chances of varicose veins recurrence. The prevention plan should be prepared individually for you by your physician. At IMED Vein Clinic we not only draw up an individualized plan, but also conduct long term monitoring of our patients after treatment.

Primary prevention goal is to prevent the development of varicose veins.

General recommendations.

1. Try to move throughout the day. Do not sit or stand in one position for a long period of time. If your work involves prolonged standing in one place, try a little workout for your feet. Even 5 minute workout every hour can improve blood circulation in your legs. Stand up, walk around, or just lift the feet and toes up and down (for about 5 minutes each leg). Activating leg muscles is the best way to alleviate vein pressure. Change positions frequently and maintain blood flow in the legs. If you sit a lot try not to cross your legs because you would increase the pressure on your veins and decrease proper blood circulation. If you have to stand for a long time try to relax your leg muscle and shift the weight from one leg to another.

Now that you’ve finished your varicose vein treatment, you wonder: What do we do next? What measures should one take to make sure the disease does not return?

Unfortunately,  varicose veins can be classified as a chronic disease and there is a possibility that some veins may return. However, this may not happen and often depends on the patient and their quality of life.

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